Analog to Digital Converters

Omni Design offers a family of high-speed, low power Swift™ data converters for applications such as 5G, Wireless and Wireline Communications, Automotive Ethernet, LiDAR, RADAR and Image sensors in process nodes from advanced FinFET nodes to 28nm.

Our high-performance ADCs are based on our proprietary and patented Swift™ technology offering ultra-high performance with best-in-class energy efficient operation:

  • 6 to 14 bits resolution
  • 5 MSa/s to 100+ GS/s sample rates
  • Configurable as I/Q ADCs or multi-channel ADCs
  • Built-in Internal calibration
  • Easily integrates with Omni bandgap reference, voltage regulators and input buffers
  • Available in advanced FinFET nodes to 28nm

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