OmniTRUST™ PVT Monitors

Omni Design offers a family of OmniTRUST™ Voltage, Temperature, and Process monitors in a range of process nodes with compact size, low power consumption, and capable of operating over the entire temperature range of -40°C to 150°C. 

The temperature monitor achieves ±4°C temperature accuracy without trim and ±1°C temperature accuracy after a single room temperature trim.  The voltage monitors supports four differential or single-ended inputs with a voltage range up to ±1.8V.

A one-shot mode allows user to initiate an on-demand temperature or voltage measurement.  When not operating, the entire block enters a low power standby mode.

The included process monitor provides information on process variation of core P, N as well as I/O P,N MOS devices in an easily readable digital format.

Available in advanced FinFET nodes to 28nm

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