AI & Quantum Computing

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Both markets diverge from traditional computing mechanisms. They are inherently analog in nature, often utilizing device physics as part of the computation. This can allow massive parallelism at highly efficient power levels.

OmniTRUST™  PVT monitors and Swift™ DACs are vital building blocks for advanced high performance AI and Quantum computing solutions.

AI Compute

OmniTRUST™ at 16nm and below, used for process detectors, voltage monitors, and temperature sensors (PVT) serve as the fundamental building blocks for monitoring key metrics throughout the silicon lifecycle, from initial design to in-field operation.

In today’s leading machine learning hardware, power and thermal management are critical to optimizing performance and reliability. The OmniTRUST™ with accurate temp sensing, glitch detection, and process monitoring implemented in some of the most advanced processing nodes, allows customer to continuously monitor and react to conditions that could have adverse effects on operation. This can allow precise throttling of performance up to the device limits, when needed, and rapid glitch detection provides feedback about operating conditions whether natural occurring, or due to malicious activity.

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Quantum computing

High-performance, high-speed Swift™ DACs are a key technology enabling QuBits – the basic building blocks of Quantum computing. High-speed, low-latency, and high-resolution data conversion is essential to preserve the integrity of quantum information. The conversion rate must match the coherence times of qubits, which are typically very short. Any delay or error in conversion can lead to inaccuracies in quantum computation and can disrupt delicate quantum states.  

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