Omni Design Technologies

Omni Design’s SWIFT™ Technology

Omni Design’s SWIFT™ is a revolutionary new circuit technology that uses tried and tested op-amp based architectures for signal processing.  SWIFT™ dramatically relaxes all aspects of op-amp performance requirements, including open-loop gain, bandwidth, noise, and offset voltage. 

This technology has significant implications for analog and mixed-signal circuits, where op-amps are used for precision signal processing.  The op-amp is a bottleneck, particularly in nanoscale technologies, compromising accuracy, speed, and power consumption. High open-loop gain, high closed-loop bandwidth, and low noise are simultaneously required in an op-amp for high performance circuits. Combined with limited headroom in modern nanoscale CMOS, the limitations of op-amps has become a monumental challenge. 

SWIFT™ permits the use of simple low power op-amps to be employed in place of highly complex, high power alternatives in high performance circuits. SWIFT™ is extensively employed in Omni’s IPs to increase analog channel speed, to reduce power consumption, and to dramatically increase circuit performance.

Omni Design’s Sensor Platform

As the IoT has exploded, sensors have become ubiquitous. The data they collect in real time have an immense and expanding impact on our everyday life, from healthcare for the elderly to remote livestock monitoring. However, to fulfill their ultimate promise, these sensors need to be supported by ultra low-power electronics that enable distributed sensor nodes to function for 10+ years on a coin cell battery while communicating with both each other and end users. Omni Design is building an IP platform that enables technology companies to fulfill this vision.

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