Data Center

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Fiber optic and high speed (copper) communication are revolutionizing the data center and are critical technologies to move data and accelerate AI training and inferencing. Giga sample Swift™ data converters are becoming increasingly indispensable for unlocking the full potential of silicon photonics, PCIe, 802.3cx/dx standards up to 1.6TbE Ethernet and high speed SERDES. Converting signals with exceptional precision is driving innovation and facilitating faster, more efficient, and more precise data transmission.

Optical Networking

High speed data converters are essential in fiber optical transceivers. They enable high-speed data rates up to 800Gbps and beyond, crucial for modern data center networks and high bandwidth Large Language Model (LLM) AI training and inferencing applications.

High Speed (Copper) Networking

High speed PAM4 SERDES protocols up to 224Gbps are required for next generation high speed ethernet communication (1.6TbE and 800GbE). High speed Swift™ ADCs and DACs are vital building blocks to enable these standards.