Linear Regulators (LDO IP) & Bandgap References

Omni Design offers a family of support IP including bandgap references, Internally compensated and externally compensated LDO IP to support  in process nodes from advanced FinFET nodes to 28nm.


Our low dropout (LDO), linear regulator utilize advanced control techniques to achieve excellent transient response, PSRR performance and low noise. Our internally compensated LDO IP has an integrated pass transistor and is stable with an on-chip capacitor of up to 1nF. Out externally compensated LDO is stable with  a minimum of 10uF external capacitance.

Reference current and voltage generators incorporate proprietary architecture, achieving high power supply rejection across ultra-wide bandwidth, needed for high-speed data converters. Our high-performance reference does not need any calibration or programming. If values other than the defaults are needed, programming capability exists for all currents and voltages.

Easily integrates with Omni ADC’s and DAC’s

Available in advanced FinFET nodes to 28nm