OmniTRUST™ PVT Monitor IP

PVT Monitors. OmniTRUST Thermal & Reliability Unified Sensing Technology Platform

PVT Monitor

Omni Design offers a family of OmniTRUST™ Process, Voltage and Temperature monitors for a range of process nodes. The PVT monitor has a compact size, and low power consumption and is capable of operating over the entire temperature range of -40°C to 150°C. 

The temperature monitor achieves ±4°C temperature accuracy without trim and ±1°C temperature accuracy after a single room temperature trim.  The voltage monitors supports four differential or single-ended inputs with a voltage range up to ±1.8V.

A one-shot mode allows user to initiate an on-demand temperature or voltage measurement.  When not operating, the entire block enters a low power standby mode.

The included process monitor provides information on process variation of core PMOS & NMOS as well as I/O PMOS and NMOS devices in an easily readable digital format.

The Crucial Role of On-Chip PVT Monitors in Modern Electronics

Mitigate Thermal and Voltage Variations

On-chip PVT monitor detects temperature and voltage fluctuations, enabling dynamic thermal management and voltage regulation. This prevents overheating, voltage drops, and performance degradation.

Optimize Power Consumption

By monitoring voltage and temperature, on-chip PVT monitor enables adaptive power management, reducing power consumption and heat generation.

Ensure Device Reliability

Real-time monitoring of PVT parameters enables predictive device reliability, allowing for proactive measures to prevent device or system failure.

Enable Autonomous Systems

An on-chip monitor is crucial for autonomous systems, such as IoT devices and AI processors, which require reliable operation in diverse environmental conditions.

A PVT monitor are indispensable in modern electronics, ensuring optimal performance, power efficiency, and device reliability. Their integration is essential for mitigating thermal and voltage variations, optimizing power consumption, ensuring device reliability, and enabling autonomous systems.

Complimenting the Omni Design Technologies product porfolio the OmniTRUST™ PVT monitor is available for multiple foundries and process nodes and can be customized as needed.