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SATCOM, 5G, 6G, Wi-Fi 6/6E/7, and Software Defined Radio utilizing multi-channel 16-32 GSPS low power Swift™ ADCs and DACs with extended dynamic range, enable direct RF conversion. Broadband integrated LNAs allow system level noise figure and gain specs to provide full front-end solutions. High bitrate and multi-frequency band requirements are driving advances in MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) architectures leading to exponential use of high-speed data converters in advanced communication systems.

Swift™ Data Converters Powering SDR

High-speed Swift™ data converters and AFEs are critical enables of next generation software-defined radio (SDR) technology. Multi-Link Operation (MLO) and MIMO (Multiple Inputs Multiple Outputs) require high speed, low power and area efficient DACs and ADCs to enable multi-frequency transmission channels and dynamical adjusted Zero-IF receive capability. The use of high-speed Swift ™ data converters and AFEs deliver lower size, weight and power for multi-frequency, multi-channel advance software defined radio applications.


High-speed data converters tackle the challenge of efficiently digitizing/generating analog RF signals for high-throughput data links. Multi-channel 2-8 GSPS low power data converters, along with specialized IP to monitor and mitigate damaging effects of radiation, provide high reliability solutions to advanced applications crucial for Ka-band satellite internet communication. With exceptional spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) to ensure signal fidelity for the next generation of high-speed, low power, low-latency satellite communication.

WIFI 6/6E/7

320 MHz Channels: 

Wi-Fi 7 doubles the channel bandwidth compared to Wi-Fi 6, reaching 320 MHz in the 6 GHz band. This translates to more data flowing through the airwaves, demanding faster data converters to keep up.

4096-QAM Modulation: 

Wi-Fi 7 crams more data into each symbol using 4096-QAM modulation, a significant leap from the 1024-QAM of Wi-Fi 6. Data converters need to accurately distinguish these densely packed symbols to avoid errors.

Multi-Link Operation (MLO): 

Wi-Fi 7 can intelligently juggle data across multiple bands and channels simultaneously. Data converters play a critical role in seamlessly stitching these signals together for a smooth, high-speed experience.

Wireless Backhaul & Point-to-point

Wireless backhaul and point-to-point communications utilizing multi-channel 4-8 GSPS low power Swift™ data converters to deliver 10-Gbps or more in modems. Omni Design delivers Swift™ data converter IP to meet the demands of fronthaul and backhaul networks, supporting both outdoor millimeter wave units and ethernet IP transport implementations for 4G LTE, 5G and 6G cellular networks.

Omni provides high speed communications IP with support for both Tx and Rx paths

Omni Design has IP to support both direct conversion and zero-IF baseband conversion solutions with high performance Swift™ data converter IQ pairs for both transmit and receive paths. Digital up-conversion and down-conversion can offload core processors from these common operations. Omni Design also has the foundation IP to ensure these designs integrate well into large systems with all the requisite biasing and supply conditioning to minimize crosstalk and noise in complex systems.

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