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Swift™ Data Converters

Ultra Power Efficient | Extreme Performance

Omni Design’s Swift™ data converters use breakthrough technology to enable the world’s most demanding SoCs in 5G, Software Defined Radio (SDR), networking, automotive, 4D-LiDAR, AI, image sensors, and IoT Learn more

Swift™ Data Converters

Analog-to-Digital Converters
Digital-to-Analog Converters
Analog Front Ends

Omni Design’s IP integrates seamlessly into your design making the
vision of a mixed-signal, hyper-integrated SoC a reality

Analog & Mixed Signal

Voltage-Temperature Monitors
Band-Gap References
SAR Converters

Omni Design’s Swift™ Technology

Omni Design’s SWIFT™ data converts deliver revolutionary performance with low power for your most demaning signal processing applications in 5G, SDR, RADAR, 4D-LiDAR, boardband comminications and high speed data acquisition. Learn more

Contact us today to find out how the world’s highest performance Swift™ data converter designs can future-proof your next product.