12-Bit 32GSPS DAC

The ODT-DAC-12B32G-5 is a high-performance current steering 12-bit Swift™ DAC that operates at an update rate up to 32GSPS.  The DAC uses a segmented architecture combined with digital algorithms to achieve excellent dynamic and static performance and wide output bandwidth. The high-performance DAC supports a peak CW output power of 2dBm and achieves up to ‑154dBFS/Hz noise spectral density with a SFDR greater than 60dB.  It has integrated full-scale control, both by directly configuring the bias current and with an output digital step attenuator.

DAC Technology Overview

High-Speed Digital to Analog converters are critical in both communications systems, where it is part of a complementary transmit and receive path, as well as in active (RADAR & LiDAR) imaging systems, where a stimulus signal creates a reflection to be measured. In both cases, a high degree of linearity and phase control over a wide bandwidth.

Omni Design utilizes a patented architecture providing high linearity over wide bandwidths making it ideally suited to these applications.

Isolated Current Outputs

Generating clean high frequency signals presents many challenges, resulting in spectral contamination that degrades the quality of a digitally synthesized signal. Internal circuit operations can feed through contaminating the outputs, as well as the output feeding back into the circuit and modulating its performance. Unique output structure of Omni Design’s DACs isolates between the output signal and internal circuit elements drastically reducing these effects and allowing generation of broad bandwidth signals with improved SFDR & PSRR.

Use Cases

Clean signals are critical in both communications and automotive ADAS imaging systems. Advanced communications depend on dense channel configurations and complex modulation schemes and are sensitive to unwanted spectral artifacts that can degrade channel bandwidth. Omni Designs’ Swift™ DACs ensure maximum performance.

Product Sheet

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