The ODT-ADS-12B8G-16 is an ultra high-performance time-interleaved 12-bit 8GSPS ADC on 16nm CMOS process. This Swift™ ADC supports input bandwidth signals up to 3 GHz and features a differential full-scale range of 0.8Vpp and excellent static and dynamic performance.

12-bit 8GSPS ADC on 16nm

12-bit, 8GSPS ADC

ADC Technology Overview

Omni Design offers a family of award winning, high-speed, ultra low power Swift™ Analog to Digital Converter IP. Used for applications such as 5G, Wireless and Wireline communications, automotive ethernet, LiDAR, RADAR and image sensors in advanced process nodes from 28nm to advanced FinFET at several foundries.

High-Speed Analog to Digital Converter IP (ADCs) are a critical bridge between advanced digital signal processing operations and the sensing elements used in advanced communications, direct-IF conversion of signals, 2D & 3D imaging, and advanced computing systems. Omni Designs excels at achieving state of the art figures of merit for conversion efficiency. Further, Omni Design’ Swift™ data converters have small footprints and are available in a variety of processes enabling the data economy with our state of the art technology.

All calibration is built in and runs in the background to compensate for both static and dynamic conditions. Additionally, all ADC’s have integrated buffers to simplify interfacing and ensure compatibility with the overall system performance.

Optional Digital Down Converters (DDC) are available to increase system compatibility.

High performance communication systems are very sensitive to spurious frequency components and distortion in spectral characteristics. Omni Design minimize these effects, delivering higher system capacity and performance in customer systems.

The ADC’s are available as individual IP blocks or matched IQ pairs and can be efficiently arrayed for large number of input channels.

Product Sheet

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