The ODT-REF-40LPT-SV1P8-ULP140N is an ultra-low power CMOS bandgap reference designed in a 40nm standard CMOS process without needing the use of any bipolar devices.
This IP operates over a temperature range of -40 to 125C while taking less than 200nA from the supply, with a nominal current of 140nA. A single room temperature trim can be used to achieve a temperature coefficient less than 40ppm/C.
The bandgap reference output is designed for low output noise. It has a provision for user added capacitor that can reduce noise further. The entire block can be powered down in a low power sleep mode.
The bandgap reference block also provides a current output, IREF that is constant over the operating temperature range of -40C to 125C and can be used as a reference for biasing current mirrors.

Product Sheet

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