Omni Design CEO hosts Inaugural Industry Showcase at the ISSCC 2018 ​

Dr. Kush Gulati, President and CEO of Omni Design Technologies, co-organized and hosted the first ever industry showcase at the 2018 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco. This event highlighted the role of silicon that is at the heart of innovative products. Invited finalists introduced exciting next generation applications and products and received ISSCC Innovation Awards. This was followed by interactive demonstrations. Participating companies included industry and technology leaders such as Infineon, Google, Qualcomm, Sony, Elliptic Labs, Nvidia, Ultrahaptics, Novelda, and Chronocam.  

From Left to right, Kazumasa Kaneda from Sony Electronics, Frans Sijstermans from NVIDIA, Guenael Strutt from Elliptic Labs, Amir Salek from Google, Biay-Cheng Hseih from Qualcomm, Alison Burdett from Sensium Healthcare (Organizer), Kush Gulati from Omni Design Technologies, Inc. (Organizer/Host), Geoff Burns from Chronocam, Dag T. Wisland from Novelda AS, Alex Driskill-Smith from Ultrahaptics and Jagjit Bal from Infineon Technologies.

About Omni Design Technologies:
Omni Design Technologies ( is a developer of high-performance ultra-low power semiconductor embedded IP cores for connected sensors and other applications.  Omni’s mission is to provide a wide range of disruptive ultra low power high performance embedded circuits that enable highly differentiated semiconductor systems and plug-and-play system-on-chip (SoC) development. Omni is staffed by semiconductor industry veterans, world class technologists from MIT, and experienced entrepreneurs.